I. On Method – From Fictif to Real

  • a. How to bypass the advertising persuasions
  • b. The Art History and Maelstrom of Popular Culture
  • c. Timeframe and flash-back techniques

II. Echoes and bewilderment of scientific explorations
a. The exhibition “Growth and Form”
b. “Meditations on a Hobby Horse”
c. Simultaneous readings in Cabaret Voltaire

III. Collage and “annihilation of the ancient beauty”
a. BUNK ! Projection at the ICA
b. Revisiting an iconography of the past
c. From the Rossignol chinois to KEX

IV. Photography of life and art
a. Ordinary moments and memorable situations
b. The aura in the “multiples”
c. The beauty as a… “physicochemical product”

V. Image of the two-level city
a. The street as expression of urban identity
b. The deck of the Economist Building in the urban fabric of the London West End
c. Starting from an urban section of Leonardo da Vinci

VI. The aesthetic of warehouses and of rough concrete
a. The New Brutalism
b. “Streets-in-the air” in collective housing
c. “As found” as an ambivalent notion

VII. Aesthetics of the machine
a. An iconography of speed
b. The rise and fall of the “machine aesthetics”
c. Mobile houses and flexible furniture in L’Esprit nouveau

VIII. Aesthetics of the ephemeral and the perishable icon
a. Expandability and mobility at regional scale
b. “The Plastic Parthenon”, monumentalising the ephemeral
c. Ads and the “vehicles of desire”

IX. Aesthetics of plastics and the House of the Future
a. Inside the The Daily Mail
b. Drawing and design, prototype or provocation
c. “Private air” diagrams and vernacular patio houses

X. Advertising and the “Aesthetics of Plenty”
a. Art brut and Pop art in the exhibition “This is Tomorrow”
b. Advertising image and everyday life
c. From AD/AD to DADA



Illustration list and credits

Index of names

Acknowledgments and retrospective considerations

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