Watercolour and acrylic on textile, various fixings on wooden panel 50 x 50 x 4,5cm

The left panel reveals the working process whereby the folded textile is first glued on the wooden panel of a deep frame. There I applied thin layers of water-based pigments and introduced a coating of white acrylic paint. I unfolded the fabric after it dried and, what looked like a two-dimensional pattern created a volume. This fragile relief raising in the foreground opened a dialogue between figure and ground, sharing the same colour pigments used on paper and on textile.

In the central panel the textured surfaces are repositioned along a diagonal line. Beyond this series of transformations of a textile material, there is a remnant narrative from my previous triptych, “The Table of the Las Supper”. The new volume suggests the profile of an isolated mountain as is the case of the Mount Tabor in Lower Galilee, associated in Christian tradition with the Mystery of Transfiguration.

In the third panel the form taken by the fabric gave a new sense to the title of the triptych. Attached on the right side of the frame, the fabric is held as by miracle in an upright position suggesting a wrapped human head. This delusive figure raising in the centre of the left panel can play a role in understanding the relation between Figuration and Transfiguration on one hand, and between various plastic transformations on the other. This double relationship goes along with a shift of perception, visible in the details photographed from a slightly different angle.


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