During the first Pandemic lockdown of 2020, I tryed to understand the anatomic representations, in particular the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. My father being a surgeon and my mother an architect, and growing up with books and magazine showing the inside of the human body and of buildings, I have the habit of representing intriguing aspects of things alongside with a reality that we know about, but which is invisible to the naked eye. In photography for instance, I used to show the buildings’ supposed foundations in transparency : https://stefaniakenley.com/city/cities/

Ron Kenley filmed some of these paintings in progress following the effects of the watercolour on paper and trying to make visible their physical, chemical, spatial and temporal construction. He realised the film TIME BEING with his special macro lens, moving by hand the rig with his stabilised camera. The coordination of our movements being restricted by the dangerously small distance, 2 or 3 cm from my painting, he managed to adjust the variation of light and to transform the unpredictable noises of my brush in an intriguing sound track.

This experience of painting gave us a time for reflection on our own existence.


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