During the first Pandemic lockdown of 2020, I tried to understand the anatomic representations, in particular the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. One of the historical references was Leonardo da Vinci’s plate, Dissection of the Principal Organs of a Woman (pen, ink and wash over black chalk, 47×32,8 cm, Windsor, Royal Library, No. 12 281 recto. Quad. Anat.I, fol. 12 recto, ~1510 or after). Another was the contraposto movement inspired from the Pietà di Palestrina that Michelangelo Buonarroti could have worked on around 1550. The unpredictable mix of colours of the water-based painting echoed the anatomic reality of blood circulation.

Ron Kenley filmed some of these paintings in progress following the effects of the watercolour on paper and trying to make visible their physical reality and their temporal flow. He realised the film TIME BEING with his special macro lens, moving by hand the rig with his stabilised camera. The coordination of our movements being restricted by the dangerously small distance, 2 or 3 cm from my painting, he managed to adjust the variation of light and to transform the unpredictable noises of my brush in an intriguing sound track. This process shows how the culture we live in and the technology we use affect the image we have of our body in movement.


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